Complaints Policy

Chic Hair and Beauty take complaints very seriously and we would like all of our clients to be able to express any grievance they have regarding a service they have received or a way in which they have been treated, as this enables us to keep to the professional standard we have upheld for 13 years.


We do strongly recommend that if any grievance has occurred within any of the Chic Hair and Beauty salons that you raise it immediately with the Manager, this allows us to take immediate action and the relevant actions can be carried out.  If a Manager is not available then a Manager from the Chic Group will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your grievance with you and take the necessary action.

If you decide to contact us after the event, we do ask you to contact us within 7 days of the grievance as anytime after then can cause difficulties with us trying to resolve the grievance and the timescales may be compromised because of this as it can cause a delay with the investigation process.


For us to ensure that your grievance is taken seriously and investigated thoroughly we will respond within 14 working days of the original notification of the complaint and as stated earlier the notification timescales can change depending when the grievance took place.


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