semi permanent makeup

Semi-permanent cosmetics is a state-of-the-art process whereby minute particles of natural and synthetic iron oxide colour pigments are implanted into the dermal layers of the skin a little more than a millimetre in depth. The final result is the most flattering appearance of flawless make-up that will last for years, day-in day-out 24/7.

Eyeliner enhancement

Eyeliner is for one who requires a more profound statement around the eyes. The eyes are the most captivating features of the face and they should always look alluring and alive! Dramatic eyeliner or soft ‘n’ subtle can all be achieved once the pigments are expertly placed strategically.

eyelinerBefore eyelinerAfter Before After

Mature and tired eyes can be given a new lease of life with an anti ageing effect to lift and open giving a youthful appearance. Many different types of ‘look’ can be achieved and this will be discussed during your consultation prior to treatment.

Eyebrow enhancement

Eyebrows are the frame of the face and when designed properly, they can lift the eyes and give a more youthful appearance.

eyebrowBefore eyebrowAfter Before After

Those women whose eyebrows are sparse from tweezing, shaving or are simply very blonde or light in colour can enjoy a perfectly shaped natural looking brow created with single hair strokes in various colours. Even those with non-existent brows can have the benefit of looking their best all day every day.

Lip enhancement

The primary purpose of this procedure is to intensify the colour of the lips as well as to enhance or correct the shape of the lips.

lipsBefore lipsAfter Before After

The attraction of semi-permanent lip colour is its convenience, beauty and natural appearance. Lip line or full lipstick colour in any shade of your choice can make the lips appear larger and fuller and can prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

Eyelash enhancement

This procedure is for one who does not want the distinctive look of fully made up eyes, but requires a thicker appearance of lash density and a more ‘natural’ look. The procedure is done by placing tiny dots along the lash line at varying depths to produce a peppered effect rather than hundreds of identical dots. The healed results are very satisfactory indeed and it’s a great procedure for men too!

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Eyebrows from £250
Lips from £350
Eyeliner from £350

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